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Un-Scripted Theater Company creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights audiences and advances the craft and art of improvisation.

Our Mission

The Un-Scripted Theater Company® creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights audiences and advances the craft and art of improvisation.

The Company

Since 2002, Un-Scripted Theater Company has staged over forty productions in a range of genres and styles: stage plays, musicals, narrative long-form, improv comedy, and theatrical experiments. The company performs in San Francisco and was named Best Theater Company 2008 by the SF Bay Guardian. We aim to expand the boundaries of improvised theater.

Our Shows

Un-Scripted Theater Company is known for improvised theater: shows in which our improvisors, using audience suggestions, strive to create plays or musicals that are sometimes serious, sometimes comic, with fully improvised dialogue, songs, and dances created right before your eyes. 

Our Saturday late night show, DASH, mixes games and scenes into a seamless, spontaneous and continuously morphing spectacle of excitement and laughs. Over the course of this hour-long show, the cast incorporates audience ideas and suggestions throughout, from the ridiculous to the hilarious. Anything can (and probably will) happen at DASH, but all things comedy and chaos are pretty safe bets. All improvised stage performances, from Whose Line is it Anyway?–style games, to fast-paced comedic scenes based on audience suggestions, like DASH, to a full-length improvised play, are based on common principles of acceptance, cooperation, and narrative storytelling.

Philosophy: Improvised Theater vs. Improv Comedy

There is a big difference between "theatrical improvisation" and "improv comedy." Improv comedy normally includes quick one-line jokes and fast-paced timing; it's a place where the sharpest and zaniest of improvisors usually steal the show. Theatrical improvisation, however, is based in stage acting. It's usually funny, but it can also be serious or touching; the comedy usually comes from situations rather than from one-line jokes; and it can be both short-form (quick scenes or games) or long-form (like a play, only without a script). The television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? is straight-up improv comedy. Christopher Guest films like Spinal Tap have elements of both improv comedy and theatrical improvisation. Un-Scripted Theater Company is one of the few theaters specializing in theatrical improvisation. While some of our shows are hilarious, and many of them have comedic elements, most of our shows aren't "improv comedy." Still confused about the difference? Come to a show and see for yourself!

Our Box Office and Salon

The Salon (across the hall from the theater) welcomes you to the theater before the show starts. You'll find our box office and concessions areas here. The Salon opens an hour before showtime.  Join us in The Salon before (and after) the show!

Show Seating

Doors open fifteen minutes before curtain, and shows start promptly. Un-Scripted shows have "reserved VIP" seating, which means that all advance tickets are assigned to seats before the house opens. If your group has purchased tickets in advance (through an online ticket purchase, group sales, or a tix booth purchase) the house manager will have reserved seats for your party. If you're buying your tickets at the door, we recommend that you get to the theater at least half an hour before curtain so you get your choice of seats that are not already reserved.

If you are part of a group that purchased tickets separately, but would like to sit together, please email boxoffice (at) un-scripted.com to let us know as soon as possible.

Online Ticket Purchase / VIP Seating

If you purchase your tickets online any time up until two hours before curtain on the day of the show, you are automatically given VIP seating. We will reserve some of the best seats in the house and mark them with your name. It's our way of saying thank you for buying tickets in advance. Just be sure to get to the theater at least 15 minutes before curtain.

Group Ticket Sales

If you have a big group of people (10+) who want to go out for a night on the town, you can take advantage of our group sales program. You will get a discount on your ticket prices along with reserved seating. Just remember, reserved seats are only held until 7:45. For more information on Group Ticket Sales please email boxoffice (at) un-scripted.com.

Supporting a Show

If you're a starving artist or a friend of the cast and you want to see a show for free, consider helping us run the house during a show. We are often in need of extra hands. If you are interested in supporting a show, contact boxoffice (at) un-scripted.com, and we will schedule you for an open slot.

Press Photos

For photos from past Un-Scripted Theater Company productions, please check out our Press Page.