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Un-Scripted Theater Company creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights audiences and advances the craft and art of improvisation.

Swipe Right - Sept. 11, 12, 25, 26

Start time: 8pm
10-minute intermission: Around 9pm
End time: before 10pm

We think of online dating as a quintessentially modern way to meet -- after all, what's more modern than finding love (or anything else) from the convenience of your cell phone? But San Francisco itself was populated by some of the earliest online daters: mail order brides who answered ads from lonely gold miners, and crossed the country searching for love. As with any online dates, some must have been better in writing than in person, and some probably looked nothing like their pictures...but some found true love by taking a chance on someone they never would've met in their everyday lives. 

Sound familiar? In the end, love stories are love stories, no matter how they start, and  In Swipe Right, we sought to create some of these stories with help from the audience and the neverending source of bizarre and beautiful characters that is San Francisco.