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Theater doesn't get any more live than this

Un-Scripted Theater Company creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights audiences and advances the craft and art of improvisation.

Act 1 Scene 2

Act 1, Scene 2

From page to stage in one night

8 pm, November 8 – 23, 2019

Experience the creation of an original play in real time with Un-Scripted Theater Company. Each performance features a different guest playwright who's brought us the first scene of an unfinished play. We'll perform their scene for you while reading it for the first time, then improvise the rest ­­— starting from Act 1, Scene 2. Theater can't get any more live than this!

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., Nov. 8 - 23, 2019

Directed by Merrill Gruver and Clay Robeson.


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