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Un-Scripted Theater Company creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights audiences and advances the craft and art of improvisation.

Our Mission

Un-Scripted Theater Company® creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights audiences and advances the craft and art of improvisation.

Our Company

A Murder Most Un-Scripted - Fall 2014

Since 2002, Un-Scripted Theater Company® has staged over forty productions in a range of genres and styles: stage plays, musicals, narrative long-form, improv comedy, and theatrical experiments. The company performs in San Francisco and was named Best Theater Company 2018 by the SF Bay Guardian. We aim to expand the boundaries of improvised theater.

Our Shows

Un-Scripted Theater Company is known for improvised theater: shows in which our improvisors, using audience suggestions, strive to create plays or musicals that are sometimes serious, sometimes comic, with fully improvised dialogue, songs, and dances created right before your eyes. 

All improvised stage performances, from games, to fast-paced comedic scenes based on audience suggestions, to a full-length improvised play, are based on common principles of acceptance, cooperation, and narrative storytelling.

Our Philosophy
Improvised Theater and Improv Comedy

Foglandia - Summer 2014

There are key differences between theatrical improvisation and improv comedy. While they're both based on the same basic principles of improvisation, improv comedy is usually played in short-form (quick scenes or games) and emphasizes witty one-liners, fast-paced timing, and focuses on "finding the funny.". It's a place where the quickest, sharpest, and zaniest improvisors steal the show. 

Un-Scripted Theater Company® is one of a handful of theater companies specializing in theatrical improvisation. Theatrical improvisation emphasizes acting, truthful, grounded characters, believable relationships, and uses narrative structure to tell a story. Theatrical improvisation is usually funny, but it's just as likely to be serious, thought-provoking, and touching. In theatrical improvisation, comedy comes from situations rather than jokes or clever one-liners. Usually, theatrical improvisation is played in narrative long-form (like a play, only without a script). The television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? is straight-up improv comedy. Christopher Guest films like Spinal Tap have elements of both improv comedy and theatrical improvisation. 

Our Box Office and Salon

The Salon (across the hall from the theater) is a comfortable, fun place to hang out before the show. You'll find our box office here, as well as a variety of cold drinks and popcorn. The Salon opens an hour before showtime.  Join us in the Salon before (and after) the show!

Show Seating

Doors open fifteen minutes before curtain, and shows start promptly. If you're buying your tickets at the door, we recommend that you get to the theater at least half an hour before curtain.

We will make every effort to accommodate special seating requests for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Group Ticket Sales

If you are part of a group of ten or more, you can take advantage of our group sales program. You will get a discount on your ticket prices and receive assigned seating.

Reserved seats are held until 7:45. All members of your group must be present for you to be seated together. 

For more information on Group Ticket Sales please email boxoffice (at) un-scripted.com.

If you are a group and would like to sit together, please email your request to boxoffice (at) un-scripted.com before 6pm on the day of the show you are attending.

Support Un-Scripted!

If you're a starving artist, a student, or a friend of a cast member and you want to see a show for free, consider helping us run the house during a show. We are often in need of extra help. If you're interested in supporting a show on a specific night or just want to find out how you can help our small, non-profit theatre company, please contact boxoffice (at) un-scripted.com for more details.

Press Photos

For photos from past Un-Scripted Theater Company® productions, please check out our Press Page.