Un-Scripted's Next Show...

DASH: Late Night Freeform

October 25 - 10:00pm

Brad, Christina, Dwayne, Jerry, Nathan & Susie

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Coming soon to the Un-Scripted stage...

Sunday Revival: Act 1 Scene 2

November 2 2014 - 7:00pm
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Un-Scripted's 2014 Season

A Murder Most Un-Scripted (October 29 to November 1)

This Halloween, join Un-Scripted Theater Company improvised murder mysteries, done in the style and world of Agatha Christie. Everyone has something to hide, but only one is responsible for the murder.

Beloved Strangers (November 13 to December 20)

Witness the inner and outer lives of a family as they come together for an Un-Scripted family gathering.

2014 is also bringing some new styles of show to Un-Scripted Theater Company:

DASH (ongoing -- Saturdays at 10PM)

DASH is a "flash freeform" show, faster-paced and more frenetic than other styles of improvisation. Layering games and scenes into a seamless, spontaneous, continuously morphing hour-long spectacle, the cast incorporates audience ideas and suggestions throughout the show. Prepare for a hilarious night where anything can happen -- and probably will!

With Special Guests... (ongoing -- See Calendar for details)

Un-Scripted Theater Company is proud to host some of the Bay Area's hottest up-and-coming improv groups as they each bring their own unique show styles to the Un-Scripted Theater Company stage!

Sunday Revivals (ongoing -- Select Sundays, see Calendar for details)

Un-Scripted Theater Company is bringing back some of our favorite shows on Sundays in 2014!