Getting Involved with Un-Scripted

There are many people who help make the Un-Scripted Theater Company the award-wining Improvisational theater company that it is. Un-Scripted is made up of staff members, board members, ensemble members, guest performers and volunteers. The ensemble and staff members are responsible for producing Un-Scripted's shows as well as running the 501(c)(3) non-profit that is the Un-Scripted Theater Company. The Un-Scripted board is made up of members and supporters of the Improv and Theater communities of San Francisco.  They serve as the advisory committee for Un-Scripted as well as helping with things like fundraising and event organization. On stage at the Un-Scripted Theater Company you'll find a mixture of ensemble members and guest performers.  And our back stage and front of house team is generally made up of a mixture of staff, ensemble, board members, guests and a good helping of volunteers.


Don't want to be on stage? Want to get to know us a bit before you audition for us? Just want to see some free shows?  Then volunteer!  Each night we need a support staff to keep the doors open and the popcorn flowing.  Contact us for more information.


Guests are the lifeblood of the Un-Scripted Theater Company.  Guests keep us fresh, grounded, and they are the pool from which future Ensemble members are nurtured. Guests are invited to join the cast of a specific production through the audition process, or in the case of special shows (i.e. Un-Abridged) by invitation. Guests performers in a production are full fledged cast members and are expected to help support the production like any other cast member.

At the end of each Season, one guest from that year is asked to serve a one year term on the Board of Directors.


The Ensemble is the heart of the Un-Scripted Theater Company. The Ensemble is a group of resident actor-improvisors with a long-standing relationship of performance with Un-Scripted and they make up the core cast of every production. Ensemble are explicitly invited to join the organization and are expected to support the organization beyond the limits of a single production.  In exchange for helping to keep the organization running, Ensemble members are not required audition for some productions they are a part of. 

Two Ensemble members (excluding officers of the company) are chosen in alternating years to serve a two year term on the Board of Directors.

Artistic Staff

The Artistic Staff is the right‐brain and major muscle of the Un‐Scripted Theater Company. They perform both artistic and administrative duties, make high level company‐wide artistic decisions, and orchestrate the artistic side of the company. Artistic Staff members are expected to significantly contribute to the artistic and day to day operations of the organization.

Members of the Artistic Staff are also part of the Ensemble.  

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of Guests, Ensemble Members, company officers, and members of the San Francisco Improv and Arts community.  The Board of Directors' primary function is to provide operational guidance to the organization.  Non-Ensemble/Guest members of the Board of Directors are asked to assist with raising a portion of Un-Scripted's operational budget each year via fundraising/donations/etc.

Any community members interested in becoming part of Un-Scripted's Board should contact the Artistic Staff so they can be put in touch with the Board Development committee. 

Ok, that sounds good!  How do I sign up?

If you’re passionate about unscripted theater, are looking to be part of a cool community and want a place to exercise your craft, being a guest is the way to do that.  If you’re interested in digging in and helping run and expand a non-profit theater company, then read on.

When we look at potential new ensemble members, we look for people who have similar ideas about approaching improvisation as theater. We tend to gravitate towards people who not only inspire us on stage, but who inspire us off stage as well.  We take a person’s “sweat equity” potential into account, so demonstrating a willingness to dive in and help, helps.

Once you have guested in an Un-Scripted show, all you need to do is tell your Cast Liaison that you are interested.  That will get you on "the list" so we can get the process started.

While we do not grow the ensemble every year, each January at the Un-Scripted retreat, the Artistic Staff will review the improvisors on "the list" for consideration for an invitation into the ensemble. As with auditions for any production, the current needs of the organization dictate who is offered an invitation and when that happens. If called for, "the list" may also be reviewed at any point mid-season.  Interested guests who are not invited to join the ensemble remain on "the list" for future consideration unless they request to be removed. New ensemble members will be announced as soon as possible on the Un-Scripted website.

Please keep in mind that here is no "Accomplish A, B and C and you're invited to join the ensemble" path. However, anyone who has guested in an Un-Scripted show should consider the door open when it comes to being a part of the Un-Scripted community.  

Whether or not you are interested in joining the ensemble, we are always willing to provide feedback.  Be it about general skills, specific areas of improvisation, or potential for joining the ensemble - all you need to do is ask.  It may take us a little time to put it together, but it will be thorough and upfront. Again, let your Cast Liaison know you’re interested, and we’ll get the process started.