This Fall - History: the Musical!

History: the MusicalNovember 15 - December 22, 2012

History: the Musical is a full-length, unscripted musical production which is set against a backdrop of “The Arc of Western History.” During each of the 17 shows, the cast creates a compelling, new musical narrative, taking place in a different historical period, beginning with the Neolithic, and winding up in 1960s America. Explore lives and stories from the past as History: The Musical provides a unique look at how we  arrived at our present moment in time — and how much we have in common with those who have come before us...


Starring in rotation: 

* Mia Blankensop * Diana DiCostanzo * Michael Fleming * Merrill Gruver * Pamela Hawley *

* Melissa Holman Kursky * Scott Keck * Paul Holman Kursky * Clay Robeson * Jerry Ruoti *

* Andy Sarouhan * Greg Shilling * Trish Tillman * Christian Utzman *


11/23/2012 Ancient Rome
11/24/2012 Medieval/Crusades
11/29/2012 Renaissance
11/30/2012 Colonial
12/1/2012 American Revolution
12/6/2012 French Revolution
12/7/2012 Westward Expansion
12/8/2012 Civil War
12/13/2012 Edwardian England
12/14/2012 Russian Revolution
12/15/2012 Prohibition
12/20/2012 Depression/Dust Bowl
12/21/2012 WWll
12/22/2012 Vietnam/60's