"Act One, Scene Two" Returns!

February 24 - 26, 2012*
April 12 - May 12, 2012

Here's how "Act One, Scene Two" works: each performance is a collaboration with a different playwright. At the beginning of the show, we interview our featured playwright onstage to find out what makes him or her tick. Then, that evening's actors do a cold "staged" reading of act one, scene one of the play, which was written for us by our playwright. When we finish the scripted portion, the actors continue on to finish the play -- now un-scripted -- starting from act one, scene two.

The goal is to finish the play as it might have been intended, continuing to honor the genre, style, and intent of the first scripted scene, creating a piece that causes everyone -- playwright, audience, and actors -- great delight. 

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* A special weekend of performances in Redding, CA in conjunction with the Riverfront Playhouse.

Starring in Rotation:Aaron Saenz  *  Alan Goy  *  Andy Sarouhan  *  Christian Utzman  *  Claire Slattery  *  Greg Shilling  *  Joy Carletti  *  Mandy Khoshnevisan  * 
Merrill Gruver  *  Scott Keck  *  Stacy Mayer  *  Trish Tillman


April 12 - May 12, 2012

Thursdays through Saturdays, 8pm

The Phoenix Theatre
414 Mason St, SF  - 6th floor


$20 general admission
students & seniors 



Playwright & Cast Schedule (subject to change):


Thursday, April 12:   LOADING...  with Taylor Shann

Cast: Aaron, Alan, Christian, Claire, Joy, Stacy


Friday, April 13:   Take the Cake  with Ashley Cowan

Cast: Andy, Claire, Greg, Mandy, Scott


Saturday, April 14:   The Bonds That Tie  with Marisela Treviño Orta

Cast: Alan, Merrill, Scott, Stacy, Trish


Thursday, April 19:   Scenes from the Files of the Wiebman Family Truth & Reconciliation Commission  with Steve Koppman

Cast: Andy, Christian, Claire, Gregg, Merrill, Stacy


Friday, April 20:   Give Caesar What Is Caesar's  with Daniel Heath

Cast: Andy, Joy, Trish


Saturday, April 21:   Silent Night  with Jonathan Luskin

Cast: Alan, Claire, Mandy, Scott


Thursday, April 26:   Getting Back  with Aaron Saenz

Cast: Alan, Christian, Greg, Joy, Mandy, Scott


Friday, April 27:   The Myths of Whales  with Susan Snyder

Cast: Aaron, Claire, Joy, Mandy, Stacy


Saturday, April 28:   You Look Like Lola  with Diana DiCostanzo

Cast: Aaron, Alan, Christian, Mandy, Stacy, Trish


Thursday, May 3:   Walls of Time  with Hal Gelb

Cast: Alan, Claire, Greg, Merrill, Scott


Friday, May 4:   152 Park View  with Daniel Will-Harris

Cast: Aaron, Alan, Andy, Claire, Joy, Stacy, Trish


Saturday, May 5:   Meditate  with Jason Hensel

Cast: Aaron, Andy, Christian, Greg, Trish


Thursday, May 10:   Start up, Finish Down  with S.F. Alterman

Cast: Aaron, Merrill, Scott, Stacy


Friday, May 11:   The Curtailed Cavalier  with Marissa Skudlarek

Cast: Andy, Christian, Greg, Mandy, Merrill, Scott, Trish


Saturday, May 12:   The S.S. Dinner Cruise  with Neil Higgins

Cast: Aaron, Andy, Christian, Greg, Joy, Mandy, Merrill, Trish