Thursday, May 14, 2009

Touch Blue

A game at last!

I learned this as a warm-up game in a beginning improv class and have also used it in trainings as an icebreaker or to help an unfocused group get focused on the here and now.

The test run with LP this game lasted about, oh, 60 seconds but is something we can expand on when she's into it.

Touch Blue
Leader says "touch blue" and everyone (including the leader) finds something blue to touch. The the leader says "touch ______" (touch dirt, touch red, touch the letter A, touch nose, etc). For the toddler set, keep it specific and concrete. Older kids and adults may enjoy getting into more abstract concepts (touch light, touch time, touch tomorrow).

You can also take turns naming what to touch or have your little person take over naming what to touch.

One thing I particularly like about this game is the adjustable can all be about things you can reach sitting together or things that are in the room or in the yard or on the page of a book.


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