Act One, Scene Two

Act One, Scene Two
Live theater can't get any more live than this! Each performance features a different guest playwright with Act One, Scene One of an unfinished play. The Un-Scripted Theater Company interviews the playwright onstage, performs their scene while reading it for the first time, and then goes on to finish the play -- now without a script -- starting from Act One, Scene Two. It's a blend of scripted and un-scripted that exposes the electric heart of live theater.

Starring in Rotation: * Aaron Saenz * Christian Utzman * Clay Robeson * Greg Shilling * Joy Carletti * Mandy Khoshnevisan * Merrill Gruver * Stacy Mayer * Steven Westdahl.


Want to see who's acting on which nights? Check the Un-Scripted Event Calendar.

July 7 - August 20
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm


SF Playhouse, Stage 2

533 Sutter St, San Francisco

$20 General; $10 Students & Seniors

The Playwrights (Click on names for playwright bios)

Week 1:
Thursday, July 7: Dan Wilson
Friday, July 8: Annette Roman
Saturday, July 9: Ryan North / David Malki !

Week 2:
Thursday, July 14: Larry Williams
Friday, July 15: Paul Braverman
Saturday, July 16: Steven Westdahl

Week 3:
Thursday, July 21: Lauren Yee
Friday, July 22: Diana DiCostanzo
Saturday, July 23: Eliza Gale

Week 4:
Thursday, July 28: Marissa Skudlarek
Friday, July 29: Emily Esner
Saturday, July 30: Garret Groenveld

Week 5:
Thursday, August 4: Jonathan Luskin
Friday, August 5: Mercedes Segesvary
Saturday, August 6: Andrew Hungerford

Week 6:
Thursday, August 11: Daniel Heath
Friday, August 12: Bennett Fisher
Saturday, August 13: Tim Bauer

Week 7:
Thursday, August 18: Amy Roeder
Friday, August 19: Nicole Brodsky & Dana Teen Lomax
Saturday, August 20: Jill Weinberger

Download the show's Press Release.

If you're interested, you can still read the submission guidelines.

("Early submissions, you say?" Don't worry, we're not cheating: Alan, our literary manager/dramaturg, read all the submissions, but he won't show them to anyone else. The first time the ACTORS will ever lay eyes on the script will be at its first performance, live in front of an audience.)


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